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April 22 – May 20, 2006
Reception:  Saturday, April 22, 7–10 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
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George Ketterl, "Odd Notiions of Memory, Culture, and Wisdom", 2003, mixed media, 78 3/4 x 84 1/2 inches.

The world has become extremely complex in the last decade or so.  In nearly every corner of the planet people are dealing with fundamental change.  I think this also applies to art.  The critical and categorical theories of quantifying esthetic quality and meaning have become nearly as rhetorical as the various exhibition modes have become institutionalized.  Yet, the possibility for art to reflect the human condition and time remains as vital as ever.
At the present time globalism is a fact.  We all have become increasingly aware of the interdependence among all peoples. The twenty-first century has opened to an unprecedented era of transformation.  In the art world, as well as every other, the effort to manipulate, control, market, and promote influence have generated a disintegrated ethos of confusion that in significant ways threatens to undermine the very best intentions it seeks to establish.
The present world functions at such a dense and accelerated level of simultaneous stimuli that questions of truth and meaning and value must be addressed without any expectation for a clear or lasting answer.  There is no such thing anymore as truth.  In its place we are left with a continuous immediacy that shades and disjuncts our experience as it occurs.  This exhausting tempo of moment by moment events affects how we choose, act and define the self.  I don’t think this has happened before.
My work has always been conceptually based but oriented toward the eye.  Over the past couple of years the thoughts expresses here have taken on an increasing interest and urgency for me.  At this point these issues are integral to both the form and content of this work.  The changing world and the continuous unfolding complexity that mold human experience is what I am interested in dealing with here, along with a direct visual openness and beauty that resonates through the eye.

--George Ketterl

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