The Song Remains The Same
May 13 - June 17, 2006

2635 S. Fairfax Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 837 6230

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Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am – 6pm

Rosha Yaghmai, “Good Old Fashioned Nostalgia Bomb”, 2006, found wet suits, thread, candles and wax.
Bandini Art’s inaugural exhibition, Rosha Yahgmai ‘The Song Remains The Same’, is a panegyric to the California dream and seekers who pursue it.
In this her first solo exhibition, Yahgmai stitches fragments of discarded wetsuits into billowing multifaceted forms that manifest a restless energy. Their vibrant colors suggest both lyrical abstraction and flamboyant hippie décor, summoning the heady days of West Coast counter culture.
The sculptures hang above extinguished candles, or a doused beach bonfire, taking the shape of smoke clouds, or maybe embodying the thoughts and aspirations of partygoers who have now deserted the scene.
Attracted by, and complicit in, SoCal utopianism, Yaghmai is part of a new generation of Californians whose fantasy is mixed with uncertainty. In her hands, the iconic remnants of Southern California culture celebrate innocent freedom and cherished ideals, but also speak of their loss.
Gallerist Joshua Kaplan is an established collector of Los Angeles contemporary art, who founded Bandini Art specifically to promote the work of young artists living and working in California. Bandini Art is housed in a redbrick Culver City warehouse, adapted for gallery use by the renowned architect Johnston Marklee.

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