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"Behind Bedroom Doors" featuring new works, collaboration and an installation from Sylvia Ji and Joshua Petker
Also showing in our project room:
“Charge It To The Game” featuring new works and an installation from Siloette

March 9 - April 6, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, March 9,  7PM until 11PM

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angles, CA 90029
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"Scenographic Transmissions" featuring new works, collaboration and an installation from James Naccarato and Jophen Stein

Show overview:
“Behind Bedroom Doors” brings together the alluringly beautiful works of Sylvia Ji and Joshua Petker. Many of the models represented in the paintings that make up this exhibit are part of the Gods Girls organization ( Both Joshua and Sylvia have spent the last several months working with the models from the site, putting together a body of work that perfectly captures the essence of the exhibit’s title and theme. Many of the Gods Girls models will be on hand opening night, helping to give the impression that the paintings themselves are coming to life. Don’t miss this special opening, one that promises to give a glimpse behind bedroom doors.
Sylvia Ji:
Though born in 1982, a native of San Francisco, Sylvia Ji's artistic ability is akin to another time and place. Her work encapsulates an alluring beauty that is both cutting edge and a nod to time-honored technique. Hauntingly beautiful images brimming with sexual provocation mix with a sense of consternation, hinting that all is not as well as it may initially appear.  
Some of her paintings are symbolic reflections of herself, portraits of people she knows or just nameless faces set in a landscape of fleeting and decaying beauty. She graduated with distinction from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a BFA in traditional illustration and already had her first ambitious and successful solo show while still in her last year of school. Since then, she has been in high demand, keeping continuously engaged in an onslaught of numerous shows across the nation.
Artist website:

Joshua Petker:
Petker’s alluring style has been referred to as “romantic street painting” and “renaissance graffiti”. Subject matter often revolves around women, from ex-lovers to iconic television actors to dreamt up muses, rendered in subtle pose, though shockingly accented with vibrant colors set in dream-like environments. His work is informed by his years spent as a graffiti artist and tagger in California and Europe, as well as a love and understanding for classical composition and technique. Petker’s paintings are often executed on second hand canvases found in garage sales or thrift stores – adding an unidentified and often mysterious back-story to many of his works.

Joshua Petker was born in Los Angeles in 1979. He received a B.A. in Social Science from Evergreen College in Olympia, WA in 2002, and studied drawing at the Lorenzo di’Medici, The Academy of Florence, Italy. Petker has spent the last several years developing a respected following in California and Europe, showing with such respected galleries as Roq La Rue, Shooting Gallery, Copro Nason and M Modern. He currently resides in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.
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Charge It To The Game featuring new works and an installation from Siloette
Siloette is a fine artist and illustrator currently living in Los Angeles. Aside from painting her hobbies consist of going to the comic book store, listening to weird music and adding to her collection of creepy old photographs. This year her art has been commissioned for commercials, apparel, snowboards and billboard advertisements. Siloette's work can be categorized as a sort of modern Art Nouveau and her main mediums of choice are spraypaint, acrylic and ink.
Artist website:

Gallery information:
4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction)
Los Angles, CA 90029
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6PM (or by appointment)
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Coming up on Fri, April 13th, 2007:
“Picks Of The Harvest: Batch Four” with featured installations from John Michael Gill and Sophia Pottish in our front room and in our main gallery space from Derek Weisberg and Matt Burlingame. Group show features 120 artists representing 21 States and nine countries. Do not miss this one!!!

Also showing in our project room
“It’s Never Real With You” featuring new works and an installation from Joshua Krause

Coming up on Sat, April 28th, 2007:
“Gimme Shelter” group show benefiting the homeless
Coming up on Fri, May 11th, 2007:
New works from Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, KuKula, Amy Sol and Brandi Milne

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