The Blindsided Paintings by Lyn Nance-Sasser
April 2 to May 7, 2005
Opening Reception:  Saturday, April 2, 6 - 9 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
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Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm or by appointment

Lyn Nance-Sasser, "Edward looks forward to the future", acrylic on canvas, 30"x40", © 2004.

Art with a “Hitchcock Twist”
The Blindsided Paintings by Lyn Nance-Sasser

The Tribune
Artist Lyn Nance-Sasser recalls being intoxicated by the idealized images in her 1950s children's books, in which chubby-legged toddlers frolicked with puppies and mothers offered treats to their happy broods. "I remember just looking at them and looking at them," Nance-Sasser says. "Those pictures had such a warm feeling." Years later, a grown-up Nance-Sasser felt it was time to infuse those sugarcoated images with a dose of reality "I thought: 'This is really wonderful. But you know, real life has lots of twists and surprises.' " The result is her current series, "The Blindsided Paintings," in which Nance-Sasser reflects on the idea of being blindsided by life, surprised by events that are out of our control.

“Using acrylic on large canvases, Nance-Sasser draws one in with a dead-on recreation of the optimism that characterized the books. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the painting's subjects are due for a life-altering surprise: an alligator's bite, an oncoming twister or a sizzling stick of dynamite that will soon destroy their idyll.”

The Mercury
"Innocuously disguised as storybook illustrations from the 1950s, the paintings of Lyn Nance-Sasser are intelligent and well-crafted scenes of impending doom."

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