Monsters of Los Angeles by Arturo Ernesto Romo
Ground Truth by S. Ian Song
April 3 – May, 2004
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 3, 6-10pm

Gallery 727
727 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90014
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Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm-6pm
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Trance Awake: Site Related Project by Arturo Ernesto Romo and S. Ian Song

Gallery 727 presents the work of Arturo Ernesto Romo and S. Ian Song in the exhibit TRANCE AWAKE.

Romo and Song, in two separate installations, explore the contiguous state between reverie and reality, between the trance and the waking world.

"Monsters of Los Angeles" is made up of muffler pipe-men, talking plants, trickster babies, and assorted acts of heroism and buffoonery. One of the roles of the monster is to demonstrate what is positive through negative action, while embodying paradox. Incorporating many media, from bold mural sized drawings done in tempera to fragile glass figurines, Romo's work raises questions concerning living myth, chaos, relationships between artifice and originality, the hero/monster dichotomy and their parallels in the spheres of identity, culture and tradition.

Song's installation “Ground Truth” addresses the state of interface in contexts of local, regional, national, and transnational permeations. He creates an architectural space within the room using multi-layered rows of cascading mobiles made of crumpled and tied newspaper balls where the pathways lead to the mixed media paintings at each of the terminus. Images from daily news, Medusa heads connected to a traditional Korean door, stones that mimic the Chinese Scholar's Rocks, commemorative portraits, wooden tablets with Confucian texts, and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony musical notes all co-exist in the created environment and the viewer is encouraged to walk through the mobile-lined pathways. At every juncture of viewing, one participates in the play of foreground and background; a play of one's focal acuity in relation to other viewers and of the objects in the room? a matter of over-emphasis or under-emphasis of everyday schizophrenia.

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