Miles Thompson, “Idol Time”
April 10 – May 15, 2004
Opening reception: Saturday, April 10, 8-11pm

Copro Nason Gallery
11265 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230
Contact: Gary Pressman, Copro/Nason Gallery Director
Ph: 310/398-2643 Fx: 310/398-7643
E-Mail: <>
Web site, <>
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Miles Thompson

Miles Thompson’s exhibit “IDOL TIME” is a reflection of the landscapes, Tiki gods and, scenes of places we'd all rather be. The characters depicted are often who we would love to be loved by and they are in stories that we dream of telling. The work expresses how humanity’s time would be best whiled away if time were not a factor, in today's modern blistering life.

Miles Thompson is an original California, Californian. His love of local comics, film, and narrative structure in conjunction with visual media was his motivation to join L.A.’s thriving entertainment industry as an animation director/designer/ illustrator/fine artist. He is a graduate of Cal Arts and his animation credits include Dog Pile, Brian Brains and Empty Roll. Miles was Story Board Artist on Dexter’s Lab as well as his latest stint on Warner Brother’s Mucha Lucha.

This exhibit is Miles Thompson’s first major venture into the Fine Art world, and will encompass many different mediums and styles. There are a vast number of pieces in all sizes shapes and colors that cover the scope of his vision and represent new work created in his “IDOL TIME”.

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