Desiree Engel / Won Sil Kim / Chong Hahn
March 11 – April 30, 2004
Receptions and conversations with the artists: Saturday, March 13 and Saturday, April 10, 2004, 6-9pm

57 Underground
Contemporary Fine Art
In the Arts Colony, 300 S. Thomas St., Pomona, Ca. 91766
909-397-0218, fax 909-397-0218
E-mail, <>
Web site: <>
Gallery hours: Thursday-Sunday 12-4pm
Please direct e-mail inquiries about the exhibition to the gallery’s address (above); DO NOT use “Reply” button, it will send to ArtScene.

(l.) Desiree Engel UNEARTHED, 12" x 8" x 8" Ceramic, 2004
(r.) Desiree Engle WINGS 1, 14" x 18" x 3" Ceramic, 2003

Wong Sil Kim FLOATING, 75" x 85" x 30" Fabric, Rods, Cardboard, 2004

57 Underground, a contemporary art gallery at 300 South Thomas St. in Pomona, will present an exhibit of work by Desiree Engel, Won Sil Kim and Chong Hahn from March 11 to April 30, 2004. Receptions and conversations with the artists are scheduled for Saturday, March 13 and Saturday, April 10, 2004, from 6 to 9 PM. Regular gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from 12 to 4 PM. The gallery phone number is (909) 397-0218.

Desiree Engel’s sculptural works are based on shapes and colors found in nature. She will present an installation as well as individual sculptural forms, using the medium of ceramic.

Won Sil Kim’s installation consists of three-dimensional mixed media pieces emphasizing shapes, color and warmth. She uses fabrics, wire and vinyl in her works.

Chong Hahn will show colorful abstract paintings.
Artist Statement, Desiree Engel

Exuberant shapes and colors in nature, whether in the world of plants or animals, earth, water or sky, have formed the basis of my work for several years. I am interested in discovering what is on the surface, above and below it, and delight in using those shapes to express my own ideas. Some of the forms are intended to elicit a sense of recognition in the viewer, although none are accurate representations of anything real, but are my own inventions.

I have worked in several different media, always exploring the many possibilities of expressing my ideas in whichever medium I am working at that time. In working with clay there is an element of danger from the extreme temperature required for firing, as well as surprise when the piece is removed from the kiln. Exploring different techniques and inventing new ways of using the material are exciting challenges for me.
Artist Statement, Won Sil Kim

My medium is sculpture. When I started to sculpt first time, I made a clod out of clay that looked like a face. Now I do not use clay anymore but make three-dimensional objects out of different kinds of material.

Especially, for these works, I used fabrics because fabric carries many things such as colors, patterns and warmth. For the forms, I did not put any meanings. The forms do not carry special meanings, but any object has its size, volume, and a look.

Based on my idea, I make objects that have size, volume, looks, colors, and feelings, and I put the objects in spaces. I watch these forms and think that they have their own expressions and impressions. As I watch them in their spaces, I feel the air that is surrounding the objects is floating. Even though the objects are no longer in those spaces, I still feel like I see the objects and the air is floating.
Artist Statement, Chong Hahn

My painting is relating to nature because nature has dramatized my freshness, excitement, and passion for painting. The surface of my painting is rough. The deposits of color often reveal underpainting and reflect revisions created out of those revisions.

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