March 17 - April 28, 2005
Opening Reception:  Saturday, March 19, 5-7pm

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Angela Perko, “Sycamore Grove", 2004, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches.

Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery is proud to present Angela Perko in her debut solo-exhibition of oil paintings.

Painting became my personal dialogue with nature.
- Angela Perko

Angela Perko’s inspiration lies in her desire to capture the sublime essence of nature. Perko explains it is her personal dialogue with nature that compels her to paint.  From an early age, growing up in Florida, she saw emerald pine forests, and lush red tomato farms that today serve as the palette for her California landscapes. Perko does not intend to depict a certain locale, but rather simplifies lines and emphasizes colors to express its‚ tremendous energy.

Perko has employees abstracted flat planes of color that bring forth every hue with brilliance. The colors planes at times are dissonant and at times harmonic to neighboring colors and create for an overall glowing composition.  Perko’s unique flat plane execution allows the painting to encapsulate remarkable depth and bring the viewer closer into the scene.

Perko’s audacious and vibrant hues are reminiscent of Post-Impressionists. When asked about the artists whom she found most influential Perko sites the work of Emily Carr, Thomas Hart Benton, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Additionally, the Canadian Group of Seven have been a significant stimulus. Like Perko the canvases retain a fluidly and vibrancy that offers an emotional response.  Whether a landscape, portrait or still life, Perko’s pieces have a personal quality that we can believe is an accurate depiction for her love of nature.

Perko’s personal vision captures a unique emotional response to the California landscape. Her paintings reflect a brilliant palette and fresh ideas which covey the grandeur of nature.  Sullivan Goss ˆ An American Gallery is pleased to represent the contemporary artist Angela Perko in a debut solo-exhibition exclusively in the Montecito gallery.

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