Historias Diminutas
Eva Armisén
January 27 – March 3, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 27, 7-10pm

3850 Wilshire Blvd #107, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Director, John Souza
Web site,

Hours, Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm

Eva Armisen:
(l.)  “in my dreams I change the world for you”, 2006, oil on canvas, 63.2 x 37.8 inches.
(c.)  “Se puso los zapatos de tacón”, carborundum, 29.64 x 17.745 inches

(r.)  "don't be afraid, one ghost less", 2006, oil on canvas, 64 x 45 inches.

AndrewShire Gallery is pleased to present Historias Diminutas, a solo exhibition by Barcelona-based artist Eva Armisén whose oil paintings and etchings illustrate extraordinary forms of amusement intended to charm, shield and divert loved ones from all forces dark and dismal.
The exhibition will consist of Armisén’s drawn and painted character activities which serve to suggest ways of circumnavigating daily human struggles.  Her depictions of the inspired frivolities that occur within worry-free fun zones and imagined dream states also generate a likely awareness of one’s own self-deception.  The artist shows us that the seemingly small events of everyday life, like spending time with family and friends, are the ones with the greatest meaning, and that difficult passages in life are only momentary.  Armisén’s aim of “painting us a better world” comes with the self-knowledge that, sometimes, it can be like “little lies to make you happy.”  But her conviction, “if it doesn’t heal today, it will heal tomorrow,” offers the ultimate faith needed to make it through each day.  
Armisén’s approach to painting is immediate, bold and freewheeling.  The strong lines, meticulous language choices and confident swathes of color on canvas and paper invite each viewer to join in the quest for a full release from burdens of disharmony.  Just like the great musician who continues to play through a sour note or the cough of a listener, Armisén’s images are constructed without hesitation leaving us the impression of their humanness with its entire body of choices, incidence and myth.  Her character-driven canvases reveal the determination of a woman who, while honoring her own femininity, can walk a tightrope, pull a rabbit out of a hat or change the world by simply dreaming it to be true.  While the illusion is like that of a clown who hides the sadness of things underneath a surface smile, for all of her loved ones, Armisén performs a multiplicity of miracles by doing the impossible with a free will that fully involves the attitudes and intentions of the society that produced them.
Eva Armisén has exhibited with The Museum of Lisbon and Arte Periférica in Lisbon, The Spanish National Library, Galeria Raquel Ponce and for over 10 years with ARCO in Madrid. An animated version of her work is featured in the 2005 Coca-Cola advertising campaign “Coca-Cola & Casa” made for the Spanish television audience.

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