Lockwood de Forest Sr., N.A., 1850-1932
January 20 – March 9, 2005
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Lockwood de Forest, “Poppies & Lupine on Windswept Monterey Coast”,
1920, oil on artist's board, 9.75" x 14".

Sullivan Goss Ltd. Gallery in Montecito is proud to present a selection of oil sketches and paintings by Lockwood de Forest. Many of the pieces have been recently released from the de Forest estate and never previously exhibited.

Lockwood de Forest was born in New York City and studied under Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900).  He was admitted to the National Academy 1n 1898. He has been associated with the Hudson River School, but with his visiting California in 1900, and his extensive travels throughout western and middle-eastern Asia, he developed an entirely new palette.  This palette suited his beautiful, Luminist plein-air approach.

From Church, de Forest adopted what was called the Sublime Aesthetic.  This blend of science and theology was an integral part of each painting.  These artists tried to affirm a Divine Presence in the natural world by arousing the emotions through the use of light and color.  Coupling this concept with the importance of recording the seen reality, Frederic Church and Lockwood de Forest felt that art should be a conduit through which nature could be channeled and represented in paint.

Captivated by the light and landscape of the South Coast, de Forest began wintering in Santa Barbara around the turn of the century, and moved to Santa Barbara permanently in 1919, where he lived until his death in 1932.

The exhibition is comprised of over 30 years of work by de Forest, and in large part, a survey of his Luminist American work.  The show will also include pieces from his travels to the Middle East as well as his legendary nocturnes.   

Contact: Jeremy Tessmer at (805) 969-5112 for images or more information.


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