Gwon, O-Sang: Deodorant Type & The Flat
Through February 5, 2005
Reception with the artist: Saturday, January 29, 6 - 8 pm (AndrewShire Gallery)
Reception with the artist:  Saturday, January 22, 6- 8pm (4-F)

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Gwon, O-Sang, “Love Forever”, 2003, Mixed Media, 76 x 19 x 18 inches

AndrewShire Gallery is pleased to present Deodorant Type & The Flat, a solo exhibition of photo-mapped sculpture and large-scale photography by Seoul-based artist Gwon, O-Sang whose work reflects on the shifting status of photography and sculpture in contemporary art.

Gwon’s inaugural exhibition in the United States, Deodorant Type, will consist of floor-bound sculptures that embody his notion of “deodorizing” photography’s historical odor by filtering it through the third dimension.   His exhibition also includes The Flat, which is taken from large-scale advertising photographs (jewelry, watches, cosmetics) that have been “collaged” in real space and re-photographed to “flatten” the viewing plane.

While contemplating body forms and object contours in “real” space, the viewer is gently guided beneath the surface of human pathos.   And, by reordering motifs found in advertising, Gwon’s photographs demonstrate how simulations in daily life are heightened when the information that identifies a thing is discarded and rebuilt through uncanny camera effects.

Like his sculpture, Gwon’s photography provides a complex system that offers each viewer an opportunity to experience and interpret reality in different ways.

Gwon, O-Sang, “The Flat 6”, 2004, UV laminated lightjet print, 70 x 88 1/2 inches.

More of Gwon, O-Sang’s artworks can be seen at 4-F Gallery located at 977 Chung King Road in Chinatown from January 22 - February 26, 2005. There will be an opening reception for the artist at 4-F gallery on January 22 from 6-9 pm.

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